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Clearing Acne with IPL Treatment

It can be really frustrating when if you suffer from acne but the usual treatments aren’t working; topical creams can be too harsh and cause irritation and medication can cause other issues such as yeast imbalances. At the London Cosmetic Skin Clinic we have found that our Ellipse IPL System does a fantastic job of clearing even the most severe types of acne and erasing scars that have been caused...
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Removing thread veins with IPL treatment

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From small individual veins in legs to larger clusters on cheeks, broken capillaries can make people feel self-conscious and nervous about leaving the house without makeup or in revealing clothing. At the London Cosmetic Skin Clinic we use the most effective and precise systems of Ellipse IPL treatment to eradicate the appearance of thread veins. IPL stands for ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ and is a n...
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