Earlobe Repair

Your earlobes, like other parts of the body, can suffer from the effects of aging and wear and tear from being weighted by heavy earrings. As the earlobes are a delicate part of your body made of just skin and fat, this can result in them becoming stretched and elongated. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we offer Lobulplasty (ear lobe repair and ear lobe reduction) treatment, performed by an experienced doctor to reverse this damage and return the previous appearance of your ears.

As well as the skin losing elasticity with age, which leads to earlobes becoming elongated, and being weighed down, damage to the ear lobe can happen if an earring is yanked or suddenly snagged and this can result in the earlobe being split or large earlobe can also be reduced the size.

What can I Expect from the Treatment?

Prior to the treatment our doctor will examine your earlobes for suitability and will advise accordingly. You will receive a local anaesthetic so that any pain or discomfort from the treatment is minimal.

Earlobe repair treatment is a non-invasive procedure which involves ‘freshening’ the edges of the torn or stretched lobe by removed a small amount of skin. The earlobe is then carefully repaired using very fine sutures and reconstructed into a rounded earlobe that resembles your original, natural ear shape.

Your earlobes will then be covered with bandages and you are free to go home. The procedure is very straight forwarded and there is very little chance of scarring or infection if you follow the correct aftercare procedure.



What Should I do Post-Treatment?

You can remove your bandages a couple of hours after the treatment and then you will need to apply saline solution twice a day. We will also prescribe antibiotic cream to apply until your stitches are removed. Except from the saline solution, it is vital that you keep your earlobes dry for about 3-4 days after the treatment so try to avoid washing your hair during their time.

You can re-pierce your ears but will need to wait at least 6 months post treatment. It is recommended that you do not pierce directly through the old location or above it.

Why Choose the London Cosmetic Clinic?

At the London Cosmetic Clinic we are focussed on the quality of the treatment and care that we give. Our specialist doctor is a registered, license-holding member of the General Medical Council and has years of experience, especially in earlobe reconstruction. Our patients often remark on how gentle, reassuring and professional she is.

We offer a free, non-obligation consultation and will remove your stitches free of charge. The treatment price starts at £550 per ear lobe, considerably more affordable than the average price whilst delivering on quality.