Frown Line Treatment

Frown lines are precisely what they sound like; horizontal lines across the forehead typically caused by aging and overuse of the muscles in the area. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we use top quality derma filler and Botox to plump out and erase fine lines on the forehead.

During your consultation we will advise what the best course of action for you is. Frown lines are caused by two primary factors; firstly overuse of the muscle causes fine lines to appear on the surface of the skin and, secondly, when the production of collagen slows down due to age, UV exposure or other lifestyle factors, the skin loses its elasticity and these fine lines can become permanent. This not only ages your skin, it can give you any angry or worried appearance. Erasing these lines can make you look younger, fresher and happier.

More About the Products Used.

Botox is the commonly used name for Botulinum Toxin, a protein produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium and it relaxes muscle tissue by temporarily blocking nerve impulses. This lack of muscle activity means that the lines and wrinkles that they cause are also reduced.

It is one of the most common types of cosmetic treatment and has been widely used since 1989, then approved by the FDA in 2002. Botox is popular among men and women and whilst it previously had a bad reputation for giving a false, waxy appearance, we can now deliver subtle yet effective, natural-looking results.

We use Hyaluronic acid fillers Juvederm and Restylane if derma fillers are the most suitable treatment. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body as well as most other living organisms and is one of nature’s most versatile substances. As well as giving the skin elasticity, it also provides volume. The hyaluronic acid used in our fillers is created in a laboratory, is completely sterile and is the only type of filler that is reversible. Restylane and Juvederm are FDA approved for use in the nasiolabial fold and contain no human or animal DNA. They have the best safety profile of any filler currently on the market.

What to Expect from the Treatment

The area to be treated will be numbed using a local anaesthetic 15-30 minutes prior to the treatment. We then inject tiny amounts of the derma filler in precise locations and massaged to control the final result.

After the treatment you should avoid touching the treated area or applying makeup to it for 6 to 12 hours afterwards to prevent infection. We will advise you on after care.

If you have had Botox injections the results last approximately 4 months whilst derma fillers may last up to 6-12 months. You can have the procedure repeated to maintain the look and have adjustments to maintain a natural look as your face changes over time.

After the Treatment

In the case of derma fillers you may see some swelling for 24-72 hours post-treatment so we recommend that you allow yourself plenty of time between your appointment and any social events.

In order to avoid bruising you should avoid exercise with the exception of regular walking for 24 hours after your treatment and do not take Vitamin E (except in a multivitamin) or St.John’s Wort for 2-3 days before and after the treatment.

For 1 week before the treatment and 2 days after it you must not take aspirin, ibuprofen, Exedrin, Advil or Aleve to avoid swelling and bruising.

Due to the nature of the treatment there may be some mild side effects. Any redness, soreness, itching, tenderness or mild bruising should subside within 2-10 days.

If you have had Botox injections there are some minimal side effects such as bruising, swelling and redness but these are temporary. Whilst Botox is effective for minimising wrinkles and lines, our knowledge and experience means that you get noticeable results without your face looking blank and frozen. You should avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for at least four hours post-treatment.

Who is Suitable for the Treatment?

Whilst most people are suitable for Botox, our Botox doctor will assess your medical history during your consultation to decide for certain if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Please inform us if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, including-

  • Any diseases that affect your muscles and nerves such as Lambert-Eaton syndrome or Myastenia gravis.
  • Allergies to any Botulinum toxin products.
  • Pregnancy, plans to become pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Facial surgery or plans to have surgery.
  • Any medication that you are taking.

Derma fillers are suitable for everybody but should be avoided if you are pregnant or breast feeding as there has been no suitability testing for these circumstances.

Treatment Prices

Treatment prices vary based on the area being treated and the amount of product being used and areas being treated. Our price for Botox on a frown line is £199, the second area will cost a further £100 (for example, if you wanted your forehead treated then another area such as crow’s feet) and your third area will only cost £96.

Our derma fillers start from £250. You will be advised of the treatment cost at your consultation.