Medical Micro-pigmentation

The London Cosmetic Clinic is pleased to announce that we now offer Cosmedic and Medical Micro-pigmentation at our Knightsbridge clinic. This treatment involves injecting tiny amounts of pigment into the skin to restore pigment and the appearance of an anatomical structure. Whilst the concept is very similar to tattooing, it differs in that it is reconstructive and is designed to match a person’s natural colouring. This practice is called a chromatic reconstruction and the results can either be short or long term depending on the depth and concentration of the pigment and the patient’s skin type.

The most common purposes of medical micro-pigmentation are as follows-

Areola Reconstruction

We provide both areola reconstruction and repigmentation for male and female patients who have had a mastoplexy (breast uplift), a mammoplasty (breast reduction), breast reconstruction or a mastectomy along with other conditions that may affect the appearance of the nipple.

We understand that the appearance of your nipples is not purely aesthetic and that areola reconstruction can be very emotive as it can affect your relationship both with yourself and with others. You may require around 4 sessions, lasting 1.5-2 hours per areola and the prices are as follows-

  • 1st session: £200
  • 2nd session: £150
  • 3rd session: £100
  • 4th session: £100

Scar Camouflage

We offer scar camouflage micro-pigmentation to help match a scar to its surrounding skin and therefore appear less visible. This technique can also be used on vitiligo, providing that the condition has been in remission for at least a year or it may reappear elsewhere on the body or around the treated area.

Micro-pigmentation is suitable for certain types of scars including plastic surgery scar tissue, hypertrophic scars, deep scars and burn scars and we will advise you at your consultation if your scar is suitable for the treatment. The scar must be at least a year old and not still red or pink tinged as the area may still be healing. Again, we will advise you as such at your consultation.

Most people require 2-4 sessions and the costs are as follows-

Based on 1.5 hours: 1st session: £200    2nd session: £150   3rd session: £100
Based on 2.5 hours: 1st session: £300   2nd session: £250   3rd session: £200

Hair Stimulation

We can use micro-pigmentation to create the illusion of hairs, for example to fill in stubble when a scar prevents the hair from growing naturally, however it would look too artificial if used as an attempt to cover thinning hair and in these cases a hair transplant would be a more suitable solution.

As this treatment is often performed on damaged skin, multiple sessions may be required. The amount of sessions required and suitability for the treatment will be advised at your consultation. Costs, based on a 1.5 hour session, are as follows-

  • 1st session- £200
  • 2nd session- £150
  • 3rd session- £100

We offer a free consultation where we will assess your suitability for the treatment as well as how many sessions you will require. A patch test is also necessary, which will cost £20. We cannot allow you to undergo the treatment without it in case you have a severe adverse reaction. Straight after the treatment your skin may appear red and raw but this will subside as the skin heals itself. It is important that you do not pick or scratch at the treated area and that you avoid excess UV exposure during the healing process.

Why Use the London Cosmetic Clinic?

Located a short walk from Knightsbridge station in London, the London Cosmetic Clinic is dedicated to excellence. Our Cosmedic consultant has undergone rigorous training and uses state of the art equipment and medical grade pigments that meet all European health and safety requirements. As well as top quality training and apparatus, she has a natural artistic flare and eye for colour to ensure that you get the best possible result.

We also pride ourselves on our friendly, professional manner and endevour to make you feel completely comfortable at all times.