Sculptra Liquid Facelift

At the London Cosmetic Clinic, Knightsbridge, we are very excited to offer the Sculptra Liquid Facelift, an innovative rejuvenation treatment that uses safe, biodegradable fillers and encourages the production of the skin’s natural collagen to produce natural, predictable results without invasive treatments or risk of scarring.

The Sculptra liquid facelift can be used on sunken cheeks, lines and wrinkles on the cheeks and chin, deep scarring, folds around the corners of the mouth and deep folds between the mouth and nose. It uses poly-l-lactic acid which is biodegradable, biocompatible and has been used on surgery for over 25 years. The effects can last up to 2 years and you can have top-up treatments.

It is a safe, non-invasive and effective solution to many imperfections and signs of aging without resorting to fillers or facelifts.

What to Expect from the Treatment.

During your consultation we will discuss your desired results, your suitability and the areas that will be treated. A numbing cream will be applied to minimise discomfort before the product is administered in a series of injections and massaged to ensure even distribution.

Afterwards it is important that you do not touch the treated area or apply makeup for at least 6 hours to minimise the risk of infection.

The treatment takes around half an hour and you may need 2 to 3 sessions to achieve your desired results. The solution contains an anaesthetic so any side effects are minimal but you may notice some swelling, tenderness or bruising for 1-2 days after the treatment.

You should see the effects of Sculptra from about 6 weeks as it takes time but gives longer lasting results. Depending on the condition of your skin, age and other factors the results should last up to two years.

Why use us?

Our doctor is specifically trained in the usage of the Sculptra product and has years of experience administering it to numerous patients. We are friendly, professional and knowledgable so you know you are in safe hands.

We offer the best quality products and service at competitive prices and our clinic in Knightsbridge is easy to locate and travel to.

Standard price list

Treatment prices depend on the number of vials of product used, typically 1-2 per session and 3-6 per total treatment. Your consultation is free and we will advise you on aftercare.

starts from £395 per vial