Thermage Facelift

At the London Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a range of revolutionary anti-aging treatments, one of which is the Thermage facelift which uses radio frequency technology to accelerate collagen production and encourage the skin tissue to rebuild and remodel itself.

What is Thermage Radio-Frequency Treatment and How Does it Work?

The radio frequency used is a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and fractional sub-ablation; these are transferred deep into the skin and cause heat to generate which results in an instant contraction in the skin, a boost in collagen production and stimulates the skin to rebuild and repair itself. Small pins are utilised to transmit return electrodes and create a micro-thermal heating zone so that the undamaged tissue in between the pins can then act as a ‘healing server’ and accelerate the rebuild of collagen and tissue remodeling. This method also improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage so that there is a better oxygen supply running through the skin and more efficient toxin removal. Poor circulation and toxin build up can make the skin appear older so counteracting these can improve the appearance of your skin.

The Thermage facelift is typically used on the forehead, under the eyes, around the cheek and middle of the face and the jaw line and neck. It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as making loose, sagging skin more taut and therefore appear more youthful and toned. A lot of people notice that their skin looks smoother and tighter straight after their session due to the initial tissue retraction but there are more significant improvements over the following weeks and months as the body produces new collagen and repairs itself. You usually require between one to three sessions depending on the condition of your skin and those over the age of 50 may need this course of sessions repeated during the space of the year.

What Happens During the Treatment?

Before the treatment starts the area is cleaned and a numbing agent is applied. This will render the area numb for at least half an hour. The area is then cleaned again and the doctor marks out the area with a special kind of pencil before using the Thermage machine to work through the area. You may feel some warmness whilst this is happening but an ice pack will be applied for about 15 minutes afterwards.

After the treatment you may notice that your skin looks red and feels warm, as if it has been sunburned but this should subside along with any itching after 1-2 days. There is a chance that a crust, scab or blister may appear but this shouldn’t result in any scarring and should be treated as you would do sunburn. We recommend that you avoid high temperatures, the sun and hot water for the first two weeks post-treatment.

Is This Treatment Suitable for Everyone?

Whilst the procedure is relatively straight-forward, those with the following conditions are not suitable candidates-

  • Immune suppress disorders
  • Skin disorders in the area that requires treatment
  • Metal implants of any kind

We will advise you whether or not the treatment is a suitable option at your initial consultation.