Removing Acne with IPL Treatment

Acne can occur at any age, for a variety of different reasons from diet to lifestyle. Topical treatments and medication can have varying results and can bring unpleasant side effects such as skin irritation, upset stomachs and even depression but we can deliver effective results using the NORDLYS Ellipse IPL system.

At the London Cosmetic Skin Clinic we use the latest and most precise IPL system currently available. The IPL treatment involves using varying frequencies of pulsed light to cause a heat reaction in skin. This treats acne in two ways; the heat reaction kills bacteria in the pores that cause breakouts and the treatment encourages the skin to heal itself so any scars caused by acne become less obvious and smoothed out.

Our IPL acne treatment is chemical-free and can be used on the most severe types of acne, even cystic acne. You may need several sessions with breaks in between to eradicate acne; we will be able to diagnose how many sessions you’ll require at your free consultation. Your skin may look red and feel a bit sore straight after your treatment, but you will be able to notice an improvement as the skin heals itself.

To find out more about this treatment or to book a free consultation, call us today and a member of our team will be happy to answer any queries.