Removing thread veins with IPL treatment

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From small individual veins in legs to larger clusters on cheeks, broken capillaries can make people feel self-conscious and nervous about leaving the house without makeup or in revealing clothing. At the London Cosmetic Skin Clinic we use the most effective and precise systems of Ellipse IPL treatment to eradicate the appearance of thread veins.

IPL stands for ‘Intense Pulsed Light’ and is a non-invasive, chemical free method of correcting imperfections such as thread veins, acne scars and stretch marks. As it is most effective when there is a large contrast between pigments, for example when we use it to remove dark hair from pale skin, we get great results using it on bright red thread veins.

Before your treatment you will have a consultation with us where we discuss what the treatment entails and what results we expect to achieve. We can also estimate how many sessions of the treatment you will need. It goes without saying that the more severe your thread veins are, the more sessions they will need but the treatment is very efficient and effective so you may find you only need 2 to 3 sessions.

When we treat your skin with the Ellipse IPL system, the strobes of light cause a heat reaction in the layers of your skin. This cauterises the broken capillaries, therefore stopping the blood flowing into them and over time becoming fainter and, in most cases, invisible. Straight after your treatment your skin may appear red but this will fade as the skin recovers. As it also encourages the skin’s natural healing process and collagen production, you may find your skin feels younger and softer as well as more evenly pigmented.

With the Ellipse IPL system you can feel confident in your own skin and ready to bare your legs in time for summer. To booking with our live bookings please click here