Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage by Hair Simulation and Skin Concealer.

The London Cosmetic Skin Clinic is proud to offer you Medical Micro-pigmentation to camouflage scars by means of hair simulation and skin concealing medical pigments.

The absence of hair on the scalp, in the beard, moustache, eyebrows or on the body is due to male pattern hair thinning or as a result of an accident or an operation.

The Scalp:

Medical Micro-pigmentation is not an option when considering a solution to male pattern hair thinning. As the hair loss reaches its height, the implanted pigment would appear artificial on the scalp. Either shaving the scalp or a hair transplant would be the most suitable solutions.

During a hair transplant procedure micro-grafts of skin containing between 1-4 strands of hair are repositioned from areas of the scalp where there is an abundance of hair, into areas of hair loss.

Medical Micro-pigmentation can enhance the results of hair transplant procedures by camouflaging the donor site scars and by shading the bare patches of scar tissue between the grafts to conceal and create an illusory solution.

Each treatment session lasts approximately an hour and prices start at £200 for the initial session. Due to the nature of the scalp, multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired results.

During the healing phase, we recommend you keep the treated area away from water or soaps for at least 4 days- 1 week. Antiseptic wipes can be used in/on the procedure site to keep it hygienically clean.

The Eyebrows, Moustache or Beard:

The absence of hair in the beard or moustache is often due to scarring as a result of an accident or an operation to correct a cleft lip/palate.

Medical Micro-pigmentation can improve the look of the hair deficiency by camouflaging the scar and shading in the bare patches of skin.

Do I need a consultation and patch test?

Yes, a consultation and patch test is a necessity. Without these we will not be able to pursue the treatment. Consultations are free of charge, however the patch test costs 20. We regret this is not deductible from the treatment price.

The scarred site is still red or pink in colour, can it be treated?

The tissue may not be healed sufficiently and not suitable to proceed with re-pigmentation. In this case you will be advised on additional treatments with our Skin care specialist to rectify the colour or texture of the treatment site.

How many sessions do I require?

Most scar re-pigment procedures will require multiple sessions, due to the area being damaged tissue. Every patient will be advised upon consultation, as it is completely dependant on the area, however it generally takes between 2-4 sessions.

Do I require a maintenance session?

Patients must be aware that maintenance is required every 12 to 18 months and must be motivated to pursue the relevant sessions as per instructed by the Specialist.

Is there any down time following the treatment?

During and after the procedure the area will display redness and perhaps capillary breakage that resembles the original trauma. In some cases the appearance can have an emotional connotation for the patient. The skin will not appear normal and camouflaged immediately after the initial procedure. This is part of the normal healing process.

How much does it cost?

Based on 1.5 hours:

1st session: 200

2nd session: 150

3rd session: 100

Based on 2.5 hours:

1st session: 300

2nd session: 250

3rd session: 200